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Shah Cement strongly believes that business is a priority & but social welfare is a responsibility. Shah Cement has placed itself in a position to enrich the quality of life in Bangladesh and to contribute for a better society. Shah cement firmly believes that customer satisfaction and corporate responsibility are the way to build a better and brighter future, not only for itself but also for the nation.

Shah Cement Nirmaner Taroka

Shah Cement Industries Ltd launches a program name
Shah Cement Nirmaner Taroka almost in every sector of construction labor
is offered to compete; approximately 30,000 people were registered for this
program. We awarded 15th people now; all of them are well established.

Nijer Bari Nijae Kori

Main objective of this program is aware the owner of individual people by giving them training.
Amar Nirmaney Ami

"Amar Nirmaney Ami" is a training program aimed at providing essential knowledge to first time house builders,
who are often lacking in experience, and technical knowledge required for the task.
Rajmistry Shera Karigor

In Bangladesh Masons do not have any vocational training. They learn their skill while working. A little mistake in their work may result into more critical problems later on for the house owners. In recognition of this risk, Shah Cement organizes technical training programs for the mason titled "Rajmistry Shera Karigor" at regular intervals.
City Corporation Beautification Project

Under this project Shah Cement sponsored the beautification of the road from Doinik Bangla to Shapla Chattor.
Shah Cement Free Medical Consultancy

Throughout the year, Shah Cement arranges free medical consultancy for those who don't have the economic capabilities to avail medical facilities.
Shah Cement Bright Star Program

S.S.C examination is the first stage of success in the student life .The distributor, dealer and retailer is our channel partner & as a nation builder Shah Cement holds the moment of their children's success in public examination through a trophy distribution declaring them as 'Shah Cement Bright Star'.
Shah Cement Adventure Fest

Shah Cement Adventure Fest - Celebrating 1 year of 1st Everest Summit in Collaboration with North Alpine Club

Being Nation Builder Shah Cement shows always positive attitude towards youth, the future leaders.

In a bid to attract youths towards adventurous activities, a week-long adventure festival began on Dhaka University campus On May 23, 2011. The North Alpine Club Bangladesh has organized the festival styled 'Shah Cement Adventure Fest 2011' marking the first anniversary of conquering the highest peak on earth the Mount Everest by mountaineer Musa Ibrahim.

As part of the festival, various adventurous events, including bicycling, games, mini marathon, skating, and triathlon and climbing competition will be organized at several universities, including Dhaka University and Jahanginagar University.

Some other initiatives that were taken by Shah Cement as follows:

1. Awareness on "Women education and prevention on Acid crimes in 2003."

2. Contribution to "Prothom Alo Helping Fund" for Acid victims in 2003."

3. Donation to the "Sandhani National Eye Donation Society in 2004."

4. Donation to the "Ahsania Mission Cancer Hospital Fund in 2005."