Shah Cement has been creating numerous and prospective engagement with customers and influencers through its Advanced Construction Education programs.
Shah Cement has been enlightening the path of the construction sector by providing technical seminars and training programs through advance construction education programs. This initiative comes off as great assistance for individual home builders, architects, engineers, and channel partners. By sharing knowledge and best practices, our educational and training services guide and teach our customers. Users and influencers are empowered and educated through on-site guidance regarding the right construction practices, training and certification of unskilled/semi-skilled manpower, knowledge transfer on the advancement of materials and technology, developing simple tools and methods for improving construction practices, customer and influencer engagement programmers and other value-added services.

Aamar Nirmaney Ami

Even if the overall product quality is good, the quality of construction may remain vulnerable, especially during natural disasters because of lack of awareness and sound construction practices. “Amar Nirmaney Ami” is designed to empower individual house builders with the necessary knowledge of sound construction practices for durable structures which will withstand the test of time. Besides, the project generates mass awareness of building code and safety precautions for strong and enduring construction.

The workshop covers:

Pre-Construction Planning Guidelines
Basic Building Parts
Building Materials & Quality Standard
Principles of Construction
Safety Practices
Earthquake Resistant Construction Practices

Mason’s Skill Development Program – Rajmistri Sera Karigar

Mason development program ensures cooperation with other construction professionals, which is necessary to meet specific goals. In the skill development process, as the right construction practices are taught, the masons start to read and understand the construction blueprints better and follow the structural plans and safety regulations more effectively.

In reality, masons do not receive any vocational training in Bangladesh. They learn the skills while working. However, vocational training is vital for them as even small mistakes in their work may, later on, create extensive problems for the house owners. Recognizing this, Shah Cement organizes technical training programs for the masons titled ‘Rajmistry Shera Karigor’ at regular intervals.

The workshop mainly focuses on providing technical knowledge on the right construction practices as well as the dos & don’ts.

Now masons are more careful in earthquake-resistant rod binding which they have learned from the training program. Through this workshop, Shah Cement tries to teach them skillful use of new techniques in the field of construction.

Shah Cement also believes in enriching their quality of life through investment in the mason training program.