Environmental Sustainability

Being the largest cement-grinding unit in Bangladesh, Shah Cement Industries Ltd. are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner. It is our practice to assure the environmental integrity of our process and facilities as part of ongoing efforts to sustain the environment. Our environmental policy: Our environmental strategy focuses on some crucial areas. Such as,

Preservation of Natural Resources

In the design and operation of the installations to consider the mitigation of the environmental impact as well as efficiency in the use of energy at the preservation of natural resources.

Awareness and Responsibility

Providing continuous training, education and encouragement to the personnel for the increase of its environmental awareness and responsibilities.

Legal Compliance

We have full compliance to the applicable, national, legal and other requirements.

Protection Measures for the Environment

Controls of the production processes for ensuring the effectiveness of the protection measures for environment.

Promoting and Encouraging

Promoting and encouraging of the exchange of environmental knowledge and experiences between the company and local authority to adopting the company’s environment from its contractors, suppliers and collaborators.

Reduction in Wastes

We use wastes and by products as raw materials from the production of various chemicals. By using byproducts, we prevent such wastes from being released into the environment.

Cement Production Plants

We monitor the operations of our cement production plants to ensure compliance with state regulations as well as professional standards of good industry practice.

To achieving a balance between the fulfillment of ecological, social and economic needs now and in future, we are working intimately.