Build Strong Build Green

Shah Cement carries the passion to build strong yet build GREEN. Pursuing knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations. Shah Cement, the leading cement brand of Bangladesh for over 12 years, encourages everyone to embrace the idea of Building Green.

‘Architecture For Green Living’ –

Encouraging Young Architects to Embrace the Idea of Building Green

Foundation and Milan-based international publication house Skira jointly published a book “Rafiq Azam: Architecture for Green Living”. Architecture for Green Living is the first monograph on contemporary architectural practice in Bangladesh, dedicated to internationally acclaimed Bangladeshi architect Rafiq Azam. His architecture is a fusion of tradition, nature, and mysticism. The use of plants and gardens, concrete and brick with simple expressions are the distinctive features of his designs. Rafiq’s skillful use of light and shadow, water and the air is influenced by the mysticism cited by Lalon and Tagore.

Shah Cement always aims at inspiring young leaders to work harder so that they can uphold the name of the country. With this inspiration, Shah Cement planned to handover these expensive books for the study of architecture students of different universities. In the light of that Shah Cement organized several Book handover ceremonies along with seminar titled ‘Architecture for Green living’ where keynote paper is presented by the Architect Rafiq Azam himself in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture of different universities. Students of Architecture Department & and young architects were present in that seminar.

In each occasion, Shah Cement handed over five complimentary copies of ‘Architecture for Green living ‘ book for the study of the students of Architecture Departments of Ahsanaullah University of Science & Technology, North South University & BRAC University.
At the seminar, Rafiq Azam presented his journey as an architect and his thoughts on green living and on contemporary architects of Bangladesh that reflected in the book.

Sharing Experience and Distilling
Wisdom towards Building Green,
Sustainable Urban Architecture –

As we embark on the journey of growing urbanization with bigger structures, Building Green is certainly the need of the hour. Ultimately Building Green is not about the cost but a testament of human creativity and imagination

From that consciousness, Shah Cement hosted a seminar titled ‘Green Integration in City planning & Urban Architecture-Singapore’s Experience’ to present two of the leading personalities in the field of Urban Planning and Green Building with more than 50 years of collective experience. Mr. Lee Siang Tai an Architect and Urban planner, revered for his thought on leadership in transforming Singapore to a globally recognized Green city. Later he was joined by Mr. M. Selvarasu, an Engineer with vast experience in designing and appraising Green Buildings worldwide.

Shah Cement invited the respected members of the Architects & Engineers, Professors & Corporate delegates to join in an evening of sharing experience and distilling wisdom inspiring us to work towards building Green, sustainable urban space/architecture.
We admire modern metropolises like Singapore for their achievements in contemporary architecture with its seamless integration in a sustainable natural setting. Modern Green cityscapes require meticulous urban planning supported by individual structures, and the initiative only becomes successful when the city dwellers participate in the shared vision.

From the speech, the audiences found the Singapore journey in this regard is quite inspiring. From a poor city-state with bare-bones infrastructure, in 50 years, Singapore has transformed to become one of the top green, sustainable, and smart city.

We believe, we have the collective will, intellectual capital, and execution capacity to transform Dhaka to a green and sustainable city in a not so distant future. We hope to go forward from this initiative.