Health & Safety

Ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for employees and contractors is a fundamental key to corporate social responsibility, and is one of the most important issues for the cement industry. People related to this field recognize that more attention should be paid to this area across the whole industry towards Sustainable Development.Shah Cement Industriestake all reasonably practicable measures tomaintain Occupational Safety & Health policy and ensure continual improvements of it by setting appropriate objectives & targets that is continually reviewed.

Our Health & Safety Vision

We choose and manage our activities in a responsible manner to avoid causing any harm to the health and safety of our employees, contract personnel and visitors.We apply Health & Safety standards and guidelines; provide the necessary resources, strictly maintain safety rules and regulation, training and education and measure performance. There is a continuous effort to measure and improve Safety Management Systems to avoid accidents.

Health & Safety Policy

Shah Cement Industries will comply with all Local & National laws i.e.: Occupational Safety & Health acts, Factory Acts, Fire Acts, Environmental Laws, other Laws & Strive to implement the Best Practices in all its units & workplaces. All unit heads are made responsible to implement local laws, best practices & compliance.

Every Department will ensure Safe Work practice; Implement Best Practices, Workers & Employees Technical, Motivational & Safety Trainings through proper need assessment. Department Head is responsible for any unsafe condition & unsafe act of any worker or employee or contractor.

All Units, Departments will have Emergency Response Plan, Medical Support, &Total Fire, Electrical & Other Safety.

Shah Cement Industries Management is responsible for the Implementation of this Policy and for Ensuring risks to the Safety & Health of all employees is assessed & Safe System of work devised in line with Shah Cement Industries Standards or the Best Practices available. Safety & Health Responsibilities have been defined for all Shah Cement Industries employees and are con tained within the HR Policies & documents.

The Shah Cement Industries Safety Policy Statement will be issued to all Employees, uploaded to the common server, & displayed prominently at all workplaces & be available on request to all interested parties.

The Safety & Health Policy is continually being monitored & developed and will be formally reviewed annually, though an exception amendments may be implement at others time as required by legislative changes or work practice.

To ensure compliant with International Laws, OSHA & NFPA to ensure Fire Safety & Electrical Safety, certified experienced Con sultants will be appointed as & when require approved by Safety Steering Committee member

All units will have a Central Safety Committee & will meet monthly & do meeting minutes considering Priorities to ensure Zero acci dent/Incident & Loss.

Safety drills must be performed in a periodical manner in the industry and every individual is subjected to attend the drills. Safety equipment must be checked and replaced / refilled according to requirements.