Mongla Food silo Project

A 50,000-mt capacity silo with jetty at Joymonirghol around 17 kilometers downstream of Mongla Port in Bagerhat. The aim of constructing the silo is to strengthen the regional food security in the South Western region of the country alongside reducing the misuse through unloading food grains automatically from marine vessels at Mongla Port. Earlier, the foundation stone was laid of the silo on November 13, 2013, and the construction work of the silo was completed on 30th June this year by the Ministry of Food at a cost of Taka 578 crores with joint fund from the Japan Debt Cancellation Fund and the government. The aim of constructing the silo is to maintain the continuity of self-sufficiency in food, keeping enough stock of food grains to address any crisis or disaster, especially to ensure speedy supply of food grains in any crisis or disaster in the Southwestern Region, and supply food grains from there to other parts of the country.