Delivery Service

Timely supplying of building materials is crucial for any construction project. The effective time management is important in managing risk of the delayed completion project.As a responsible manufacturer, Shah Cement is committed to provide the best solutionsto delivering quality cement at the doorstep of every customer in scheduled time.

Its highly responsive distribution network ensures delivery within 24 hours to most distributors. That’s why Shah Cement is the no.1 choice of customers for in-time on site delivery. It became the highest selling cement brand during its very first year of operation and strengthened its leadership every year since The unique & efficient delivery network of Shah Cement made it possible for the company to stand on its promise of “24 hours delivery”.

This dedicated service is possible through the adaptation of most convenient support systems using roadways, waterways & bulk carriers.

Delivery Support System Includes-

Highest Numbers of own covered Vans
 Own ocean-going vessels for clinker/ raw materials handling
Adequate Bulk Carriers & portable silos
Adequate numbers of own fleet of barges
Exclusive distribution network throughout the country