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Shah FIBC is the stand alone business unit of Shah Cement Industries Limited which is leading cement brand in Bangladesh for over 15 years. It’s a concern of Abul Khair Group ; one of the largest group of companies in our country. The brand become the market leader during the first year of introduction and consolidated its leadership every year. The world’s Largest Vertical Roller Mill has been added in Shah Cement Manufacturing. Guinness World Record has recognized the unique achievement of Shah Cement and has recorded it as the World’s single Largest Cement Vertical Roller Mill Facility.


FIBC bags are also known as jumbo bags. The bags are product by polypropylene and are stabilized under UV degradation.

Keep In Mind

it has to be kept in mind about the style of the bag, why the bag will be used for measurement of the bag etc.

FIBC Bag Capacity

Can easily hold 700-2000kg of goods. In most cases forklifts are used in Order to place those bags.



Shah FIBC started its journey on the 2021 with a view to contributing towards B2B FIBC global market needs. Bringing world’s most technologically advanced FIBC products to the door steps of all International market is really a matter of great pride. Shah FIBC has the state of the art FIBC producing plant in Bangladesh, The plant is situated at Muktarpur, Munshigonj, in the land intersection of two rivers Shitolokkha & Dhaleshwari. It is the largest and one of the most technologically advanced FIBC production facilities in Bangladesh. Shah FIBC is equipped with state of the art Starlinger machines as they have the world’s most advanced FIBC Manufacturing technologies.



Manufacturing Excellence

Shah FIBC’s Modular manufacturing process ensures product consistency and quality. Shah FIBC has invested time and energy in developing a cost-efficient quality control program, in which roving in-process and 100% final inspection of the product results in defect-free products and greater cost saving for the customers.

Shah FIBC is constantly examining new ways to make our products better and safer for the customer, while providing customers with new applications. Monitoring the entire manufacturing process from start to finish is one way Shah FIBC has succeeded in achieving higher quality and cost savings that we pass on to you, the customer.


Why Shah FIBC

Starlinger world’s best
Extrusion lines at

World’s finest
Starlinger circular loom lines at



Have the capability of producing high quality PP tapes ranging from 700 to 2050 denier and have the capacity of producing 450kg per hour with the state of the art tapeline.


The company can produce a variety of fabrics ranging from 130-200gsm as it has 6 and 8 shuttle circular looms.

Sewing Yarns

In house production of sewing yarns as we have all the facilities.


We use manual cutters for cutting all types of fabrics as we believe the human hand gives the best perfection and finishing.


Able to print 4 colors of any desired designs preferred by the customers.


In order to ensure superior quality we have installed modern equipments from world's renowned brands along with well trained and highly skilled employees.

Quality Inspection

In order to supply the finest quality goods to our customers we have modern technologies to inspect and re-inspect our finished goods.


To ensure dust free product all our bags are palatalized, heat treated and wrapped with protective covers.

Our Product

Made with polypropylene, the weaving process is controlled throughout manufacturing for performance reliability. Choose from Shah FIBC’s uncoated or coated fabrics, all specially UV stabilized to protect against weather conditions. Shah FIBC offers the widest variety of FIBC Bags, such as U-shaped, Baffle, 4-sided, Sling, Circular, Static Dissipative, Groundable, Specialty and Customized.

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Product Specification

Construction 4 Panel, U Panel, Tubular, Q-bag, Sling, Tunnel, UN Certified
Body material UV resistant PP fabric, Coated/Uncoated, Conductive (Type C), Flame Retardant
Lifting options 4 Corner loops, Cross corner Stevedore, Single/ Two loop, Tunnel loop
Filling options Open top, Spout, Duffle, Cone
Discharge options Flat, Spout, Full open discharge, Conical discharge, Remote open discharge (ROD)
Closures Pyjama closure, Petal closure, Velcro closure, B-lock closure
Special options Top perimeter band, Bottom loops, Double layer fabric
Dust seams Single, Double, Triple with Filler cords/Felts/Web tie
Liners Type (Ll. L2, L3)
Fully glued/Face style glued with hot melt PSA 8 points/4 point tabing with fabric tapes stitched to side seems/suspended liner
Printing Upto four colors, High performance UV resistant ink
Accessories Document pouch, Zip locks, Labels,
Circular Tubular
Size 30-145 Layflat 30-210 Layflat
Weight 130-200 gsm 130-200 gms
Specialty Thermo cutter slitting device Coated edge w/ reinforcements
Thickness 15-80 micron
Weight 75 grams (Max.)
Width 80 mm (Max.)
Thickness 50 - 150 micron
Tube Width 200 - 470 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

FIBC bags are also known as jumbo bags. They are generally less expensive and are used for the storage and transportation of granulated, bulk products and powdered products. The bags are produced by polypropylene and are stabilized under UV degradation.

  • What is a FIBC?
    • Ans: These are bulk bags which are used to carry huge products and fluids.They are generally used to transport dry goods and are made of 100% polypropylene. We can produce the bags according to clients preference but the bags are not waterproof at all.

  • How much can an FIBC bag hold?
    • Ans: Can easily hold 700-2000kg of goods. In most cases forklifts are used in order to place those bags.

  • Do the bags have liners?
    • Ans: Yes, our bags have liners. The most common liners in our bags are form fit liners and tube liners. Those liners can be connected or kept freely.

  • What does UN certification mean?
    • Ans: In order to get UN certification the bags are sent through different kinds of tests, such as drop test and tear test. Moreover this certification is for one year. Currently we hold confirmation of our bags from different top license specialists.

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We, at Shah FIBC, believe in and continually strive to improve ourselves and our company. We invest in the development of our employees who show potential and desire for growth, emphasizing personal accountability and empowerment, making our workforce trustworthy and consistent.

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